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Affiliate program

If you own a blog / newsletter / online community about programming, and you think your audience could be interested in my book, we can work together : )

The book is really high converting, people are giving me tons of positive feedback!

Here is some ideas on how you could promote the book:

  1. Make a review on your blog
  2. Send it to your newsletter
  3. Share it on Facebook / Twitter

Terms of the affiliate program

To become an affiliate, you must create an account on and send me an email with your email adress and how you plan to share your affiliate link. I will send you your affiliate link within 48 hours.


The base commission is 30% on every packages. If you sell more then 20 packages / month, the commission is 50%

Cookie duration

The cookie duration is 30 days, meaning if someone clicks on your affiliate link, the sale will be counted for up to 30 days after the click


Payouts are handled by Gumroad, and sent every Friday on your Paypal account. You will get access to a dashboard to see your sales and you will receive an email for each sale.